January 18, 2021

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Q-10 Machine

Good choice to change your skin destiny


  • Marvelous Q-10 provides satisfactory results by the effective removing treatment at almost every pigment troubles.
    It can remove the targeted pigments selectively but very little damage to the dermis and epidermis.
    Our PTP Mode has the patient feel little pain and the skin regenerate sooner.

  • Features
    * Effective to remove Tattoo
    * Good and Safe to treat the Pigment Lesions in dermis and epidermis
    * Uni-Q Mode is very useful for the operators
    * Various Hand Pieces are available as follows
    – Zoom Hand Piece spot size 2~10 mm
    – Fractional Hand Piece for 1064 nm
    – Dye Hand Piece 585 nm
    – Dye Hand Piece 650 nm